Abstracts: April 10th, 2003

A survey by Compass Research, commissioned by Cafedirect 5065, found that managers need to lighten up and get a better sense of humour. The results of the survey reveal the importance of social interaction and the human side of working life such as communication and humour in the office. When asked which departments need to lighten up nearly a third (27%) said senior managers, nearly a fifth cited their accounts and finance departments (19%), followed by HR and Personnel departments (14%). Office workers appear to be less motivated by job perks, such as childcare and personal trainers, with nearly half not using any of the perks where offered by their organizations. More than half place a higher importance and are more motivated by social places to relax and unwind, like coffee lounges, and social activities, music and humour, at work. Nine out of ten workers say humour lifts their workday and despite half of them receiving email jokes and a tenth receiving jokes on their mobile phones, the best way to share the latest punch-line is through chatting with colleagues.Link: http://www.5065.co.uk