Abstracts: May 14th, 2003

By Frances & Roland BeeEmployers are warned not to waste their valuable learning resources. A training course is often a knee-jerk reaction to a problem at work and there may be other more effective and cheaper solutions. Employers are advised that they may be wasting valuable resources on sending staff on training courses that they don’t need. The authors emphasise the need to look closely at what the organization needs and identify the real issues. It may turn out not to be a performance problem with employees at all – but perhaps to do with processes and procedures or a problem with IT. Even when it is an issue of employee performance they recommend looking at other interventions first. These could include: improved methods of working – sometimes better documentation of work processes, even a simple check-list, may do the trick. Better communication and redesigning the job are other options. The authors advocate a systematic process to identify and analyse the learning that is really needed in an organisation to ensure that targets are met.

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