Abstracts: June 9th, 2003

This report from Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development argues that effective people management is crucial to the material and psychological well being of society. But current management practice falls far short of what is needed to maximise the common good, and business and government must act together to deliver improvements. Indicators of poor practice include relatively low productivity and living standards; high rates of joblessness for certain disadvantaged groups and concern over wage inequality. Other factors include the stubborn gender pay gap, psychological stress and a general sense of social malaise and unhappiness. The report finds that the management practices that make workers happy actually boost productivity too. These practices include greater autonomy and scope for discretion, control over the pace of work, a supportive climate, mutual trust, a dynamic atmosphere and participation in decision-making.Published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and available from j.street@cipd.co.uk