Abstracts: August 6th, 2003

Civil servants make up almost 2 per cent of the UK workforce (29.4 million on a headcount basis at June 2001). Just under 18 per cent of those in employment worked in the public sector. Over half of these were in local government, around 30 per cent in public corporations and almost 10 per cent in the Civil Service. The remainder were employed in the Armed Forces, NHS and other central government organisations. The workforce as a whole grew by just over 1.4 million between June 1991and June 2001.Employment in the private sector grew from around 22.1 million to 24.3 million, while public sector employment remained at just over 5.1 million. The Civil Service accounted for almost 10 per cent of public sector employment in 2001. Civil Service posts increased by some 7000 during the year. The average salary of civil servants was 16,980 pounds compared to 16,400 pounds in 2001. This is an increase of 3.5 per cent over the year.Civil Service Statistics 2002 is published by the Cabinet Office and is available at http://www.civil-service.gov.uk/statistics/documents/pdf/css02.pdf