Abstracts: August 14th, 2003

By Mary Atkinson, Anne Wilkin, Alison Stott and Kay KinderThis report by the National Foundation for Educational Research was commissioned by the Local Government Association. The authors examined the effect of multi agency working on professionals at the strategic and operational levels. 32% of respondents to a survey said that resource constrains were a major barrier to joint working. Insufficient time to set up projects and develop relationships was recognized as a barrier by 14%. There was also concern about overcoming professional boundaries because of the ‘preciousness’ attitude, accepting change and persuading people working in an area for a long time that there are other ways of doing things.

Commitment to multi agency working was identified by 40% of survey respondents as the key success factor in delivering projects. Other success factors were: having good working relationships 24%; and leadership and drive 19%. Characteristics of successful projects include: joint ownership; communication and information sharing; development of trust and understanding each others roles and responsibilities. Further research will look in depth at issues raised in this report.

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