Abstracts: September 10th, 2003

The research was carried out by the Institute of Local Government Studies, School of Public Policy at the University of Birmingham for the Improvement and Development Agency. The logic that joint service provision might imply joint reviews and joint scrutiny has recently begun to be followed. The aim of the research was to draw from the stakeholders’ experience to understand key challenges for stakeholders in undertaking joint reviews and to identify ways in which these challenges have been faced. The report presents key messages about the approaches, challenges and potentials of joint reviews coming from the experiences of six case study reviews in England. The report collates a series of key messages that the case studies illuminate. They include: recognising the exchange between shared and individual goals; active relationship-building is essential; review participants’ seniority and capacity to fully and equally participate are significant; and leadership, co-ordination and administration can follow differing models.The document is available at http://www.idea-knowledge.gov.uk/80256D350027CD0F/httpPublicPages/4795A