Abstracts: September 15th, 2003

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has published a specification for the support required for a programme it has launched jointly with the Local Government Association. The ODPM intends to let a framework agreement to help deliver this programme of work. The framework will consist of a range of suppliers, either individually or in consortia, with interest and ability to deliver some or all of the work within the programme. A search is in progress to identify main contractors for the framework contract. Once in the framework agreement, suppliers will be eligible to respond to call off contracts for the development and delivery of activities to be commissioned under the programme, based around seven themes: Peer Support; Support for Improvement; Leadership and Change Management; Recruitment and Retention; Middle Managers’ Development Programme; Support for Specific Skills and; Supporting District Councils. There will be member development programmes to address induction, development and leadership of elected members. The middle manager development programmes will encourage middle managers to think outside their service area to adopt a more strategic emphasis to performance management.Full details are available at: http://www.odpm.gov.uk/stellent/groups/odpm_localgov/documents/page/odp