Abstracts: October 8th, 2003

The Neighbourhood Renewal Unit is drawing up a qualifications framework to meet the development needs of all those involved in neighbourhood renewal. The framework will set out standards which will be the basis for giving credit and recognition to people involved in neighbourhood renewal. The standards will be designed so as to offer qualifications at a number of levels.The first stage is to devise a map of the functions that people carry out on a day to day basis as part of their involvement in renewal work. The functional map is a structured way of describing the functions of neighbourhood renewal, starting from a ‘mission statement’ and then breaking it down into smaller functional areas ranging from strategic management to tackling crime. The draft functional map is based on an analysis of a range of job descriptions for national regional and local posts. The Neighbourhood Renewal Unit wants comments on the draft.

Link: http://www.neighbourhood.gov.uk/formatteddoc.asp?id=523