Abstracts: October 16th, 2003

The Programme for action sets out a three-year plan to carry forward the Recommendations in the 2002 Cross-Cutting Spending Review on health inequalities. The purpose of the programme is to ensure departments deliver on their commitments and that local action reflects this agenda. It provides the basis for meeting the 2010 national health inequalities target on life expectancy (by geographical area) and infant mortality (by social class) by building on current work, and addressing the wider causes of inequalities in the years beyond. The Programme is organised around the following themes to enable action on a broad front: supporting families, mothers and engaging communities and individuals to ensure relevance, responsiveness and sustainability; preventing illness and providing effective treatment and care and addressing the underlying determinants of health. The Department of Health’s Health Inequalities Unit will be responsible for monitoring the work across Government to tackle health inequalities.The programme is at: http://www.doh.gov.uk/healthinequalities/programmeforaction/index.htm