Abstracts: October 20th, 2003

This document is designed to help public sector bodies think about the benefits of e-government such as making them easier to access, more convenient to use, more responsive and more transparent. It also has the potential to free up resources by delivering services more efficiently. It explains how they can quantify the benefits and how they can identify the associated risks. The guidance should be read in conjunction with the Green Book, HM Treasury’s guide to ‘Appraisal and Evaluation in Central Government’, which provides a clear explanation of the nature and purpose of an economic appraisal. ‘Measuring Expected Benefits’ shows the generic process for developing a business case. It focuses on identifying possible options for an e-government project and reviewing the options. It shows how the guidance in the Green Book can be applied and highlights some of the issues that arise in e-government.Published by the Office for Government Commerce and available at http://www.ogc.gov.uk/sdtkdev/new_content/HMT%20Guidelines%20Version%201.4.pdf