Abstracts: November 20th, 2003

This report from the Society of IT Management analyses the achievements of smaller councils, employing less than 25 IT staff, in taking important steps in the journey to full implementation of local e-government targets. It concludes that the smaller organisation is agile, and can respond quickly on a relatively broad front to make things happen. Communication plays a part in that the chain of command from the chief executive to the front line service is relatively short. There is less scope for the message to be confused or diluted.The report is significant because it challenges the often expressed concerns about the lack of capacity in the smaller councils to take on the challenges of modernisation. The evidence put forward directly contests the assertion in a recent report from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister on Capacity Building in Local Government that ‘District councils have little flexibility within budgets devoted overwhelmingly to front-line services and lack the corporate capacity to take forward modernisation.’

The Society represents managers in local government who are responsible for ICT policy.

Published by SOCITM.   http://www.socitm.gov.uk

ISBN: 1 904 414 15 X. 95 pounds.