Abstracts: February 12th, 2004

By Paul Henderson, Sylvia Summer, and Thara Raj.The book provides a foundation for workers from a variety of backgrounds who wish to adopt, or are already using, a community development approach to their work in reducing health inequalities. The content is designed for people who have some responsibility for improving a community’s health and wellbeing, and who are in direct contact with communities. It is not aimed at any one type of professional group, discipline or organisation. It contains a self contained course to be used individually and in tutor groups. The emphasis is on developing new ways of working with others to meet different challenges. The authors recognise that this is a long-term process, but the book is intended as a starting point. There is a description of the skills, experience and resources needed for the course.

Published by the Health Development Agency. ISBN 1-84279-154-0

An electronic version is available at: http://www.hda.nhs.uk/Documents/developing_healthier_communities.pdf