Abstracts: March 11th, 2004

E-commerce is changing business practices on a global scale and public services are moving rapidly into electronic procurement. This White Paper explains how the Improvement and Development Agency’s IDeA Marketplace and Oracle’s iProcurement system can work together to satisfy the total procurement, financial accounting and reporting requirements of a council. Each of the two systems can provide significant benefits to a council seeking to modernize it’s procurement processes. It is the view of both the IDeA and Oracle that the full benefits of eProcurement are most likely to be unlocked by combining the two systems in a collaborative, integrated procurement solution.The IdeA Marketplace incorporates an electronic catalogue within an end-to-end integrated e-procurement system. It allows suppliers that are not fully e-enabled to display their catalogues online and penetrate the market, without full systems integration as well as accommodating suppliers with more advanced systems. Oracle’s eBusiness Suite includes Financials, Purchasing, and eProcurement.

The White paper is available at: http://www.idea.gov.uk/marketplace/oracle.pdf