Abstracts: April 1st, 2004

By Philip Allmendinger, Mark Tewdwr-Jones and Janice MorphetSince the 1990s there has been a long-standing concern in government towards public sector accountability, management, efficiency and service delivery. This paper attempts to specify the changes with particular reference to planning, and to consider the evolution of the public service ethic in planning towards more openness, scrutiny, transparency and efficiency with particular reference to the changing ethos of the professional employee. The authors explore the main impacts upon local government, the public service ethic and professional planning as a consequence of the Modernization agenda and freedoms and flexibilities initiative. They also look at how such changes have impacted upon the ethos and values in public service and planning. The principal findings indicate that the much-trumpeted decline of services and standards may not have been as apparent as is sometimes portrayed and that internal professional attitudes and values towards the external changes may not have significantly altered over the period.

Public AdministrationVolume 81: Issue 4. ISSN: 0033-3298