Abstracts: April 29th, 2004

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an integral part of the government’s modernising agenda and a crucial component for delivering better customer service standards and joined-up services. The CRM Academy website is the main portal for disseminating the outputs of the National CRM Programme. It contains support, advice, guidelines and toolkits to help local authorities and other public sector organisations with the CRM implementation. It has information for business and customer service managers and for IT specialist and e-government champions. The Academy has 41 products and tools developed by the National CRM Programme, to help plan and manage a CRM project. They provide everything from guidance on choosing what technical and integration systems to consider, to advice on persuading elected Members and senior officers to invest in CRM. In addition, the site is becoming the primary place where other government departments and organisations come to clarify the role of CRM.The CRM Academy site is at: http://www.crmnp.org/7D2F7R3SuAtq4vIb7m4ezHk86xb2AX8q/login.html