Abstracts: May 12th, 2004

By Rodney Mcadam and Timothy WalkerThe aim is of this paper is to conduct an exploratory study into the use of Balanced Scorecards as an approach to implementing Best Value in UK local government. There is a need to critically evaluate approaches to implementing Best Value so that local government can determine how to achieve the service performance levels laid down in the framework. There is a paucity of systematic studies exploring and critiquing the effectiveness of using the Balanced Scorecard in Best Value implementation. The paper describes an exploratory multiple case research study. The findings show that the Balanced Scorecard can play a key role in Best Value implementation. Moreover it is also useful in linking other improvement initiatives. The audit functions of the Business Excellence Model go some way to providing the necessary information.

An Inquiry into Balanced Scorecards within Best Value Implementation in UK Local Government is published in Public Administration Volume 81: Issue 4 ISSN: 0033-3298.