Abstracts: May 26th, 2004

The survey commissioned by the Society of IT Management (Socitm) shows that the gap between Local Authority ICT staff salaries and those in the private sector is closing. The salary gap at senior management level has narrowed substantially. In previous years salaries of ICT Directors in local government were typically only 60% of their private sector equivalents, ICT Directors in London and the South East are now being paid up to 86% of their equivalents in the private sector. Average salaries in the Police and Fire sectors are showing a particular increase over last year, with Police salaries increasing by 6.8%(1.7% in 2003) and Fire Service salaries increasing by 10.2%(4.4% in 2003). Across the whole sample, salaries have increased by an average of 5.9% compared to 5.1% last year.The survey also shows that recruitment and retention problems have been eased. Whereas 25% of organisations reported retention problems in 2003, the figure has reduced to 17% in 2004. Similarly whilst 34% reported recruitment problems last year, the figure this year is 27%. Recruitment difficulties in the London area are less severe with 27% of organisations reporting problems, compared to over 50% in 2003.

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