Abstracts: June 21st, 2004

The Bureaucracy Review Group was established to champion lighter touch regulation and challenge Ministers and key partners to reduce bureaucracy in the further education and training sector. The Group is independent and reports to the Secretary of State for Education and Skills.The Report paints a picture of an educational sector with a substantial bureaucratic burden. There are pressing needs to further reduce the inspection burden and dramatically improve the management information system. The examination modernisation process that is being developed and championed by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) for academic qualifications in schools and colleges is also urgently needed in the wider further education and training sector. The adoption of a strategic approach to regulation (audit/inspection/management review), which means a proportional, integrated and differentiated regime. This should lead to a restriction of scrutiny by 25% and a consequential reduction in staff involved. The Management Information System must be simplified and substantially reduced.

The report is available at: http: http://www.successforall.gov.uk/linkAttachments/exec%20summary%202.pdf