Abstracts: June 23rd, 2004

Following racial disturbances in 2001, the Home Office set up the Community Cohesion Review Team to identify good practice, key policy issues and new and innovative thinking in the field of community cohesion. The team highlighted the positive and negative roles that the media can play in framing the perceptions of local people in strengthening the sense of community or in fuelling tensions. This module has been produced jointly by the Improvement and Development Agency and the Home Office. It offers advice and ideas to help local authority communications officers to work with elected members, key spokespeople and the media on community cohesion. It advocates a symbiotic relationship between the media and local authorities to help to achieve a better and wider understanding of the similarities between people and appreciation of the differences which help to make up a community. It argues that by fostering greater acceptance there is less likely to be a breakdown in tolerance and more understanding between communities. The guide includes sections on promoting positive examples in the media, tackling negative media coverage and the law relating to community cohesion.Published by the IDeA and the Home Office.