Abstracts: August 17th, 2004

Four new case studies demonstrating the operational and service delivery benefits achieved by Local Authorities using latest generation of ICT infrastructure are now available.Flintshire County Council discuss their investment in infrastructure and how beneficiaries of their Broadband roll out extends to schools, libraries and youth centres. With Omnetica.

Coventry City Council discuss their transformation of public services and joined up approach through the use of new information, communication and security technology. With Star Internet.

Southampton Institute discuss how their infrastructure gives students greater connectivity and easy access for logging on around the campus, halls of residence and individual rooms. With Enterasys

Surrey County Council discuss how the innovative ICT infrastructure has helped put the Council ahead of its 2005 eGovernment targets for frontline services and back-office operations. With Cisco Systems.

The programmes are available at http://www.eGovTV.tv http://www.egovtv.tv/