Abstracts: August 26th, 2004

This publication provides an introduction to the capacity building programme in local government. It explains how it works and who can access it. The programme aims to encourage ‘whole council’ approaches to driving improvement focusing on developing councils’ corporate capacity, for example around leadership, people management, performance management and support for generic skills such as procurement. Capacity building is delivered through a range of national projects from which councils can pick and choose as well as providing opportunities to access specific individually tailored and regionally tailored support.The two key streams of the national programmes are middle manager development and induction for new councillors. There are seven regional projects underway focusing on developing improvement networks and regional partnerships, member development and training, and performance management. There are also 18 pilot projects covering a range of themes including, pooling resources and integrating services, developing leadership skills, middle management development, developing performance and change management systems, and supporting two tier working.

A range of projects are under development including middle management development, mentoring for newly elected members, improving overview and scrutiny, project and programme management and performance management and improvement.

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