Abstracts: September 16th, 2004

The guide to modernising clinical and managerial practice in the NHS explains
how changes are designed to transform patient services. It distils into a set of
10 key principles the work the NHS Improvement Agency has done with hundreds of
frontline organisations and thousands of NHS staff over nearly four years. These
cover areas of critical importance in service delivery such as the role of day
surgery, the management of admissions and discharges, support for patients with
long term conditions and the reduction of queues and bottlenecks. Each principle
is backed by practical examples, and supported by resources and contacts to help
support local implementation.

The 10 High Impact Changes incorporate a number of innovative approaches. They
are patient-centred, seeing an individual’s healthcare not as separate episodes
or processes but as a single journey, with clinical interventions integrated
with emotional, psychological and material support. The 10 changes are based on
hard evidence of what works and takes a ‘systems’ view of patient care – not
focussing on different sectors, professions or agencies, but emphasising
co-ordination and teamwork between, for example, primary care, mental health
services and acute hospitals.

The Guide is available at: www.modern.nhs.uk/highimpactchanges