Abstracts: September 30th, 2004

This report sets out the progress Local Strategic Partnerships have made in Neighbourhood Renewal Fund areas. The Partnerships have a strategic role to integrate the requirements and targets of national agencies and Government departments in taking forward renewal, regeneration, social exclusion, and productivity.Partnerships have made particular progress in developing as strategic agencies and they have established visions reflecting the critical elements of the National Strategy for neighbourhood renewal. They have also been successful in attracting a broad range of representation and in developing and delivering a wide variety of joint projects embracing the importance of learning and development.

The report is critical of the limited success in bringing greater efficiency to neighbourhood renewal and partnership working and of the failure of many Partnerships to make this a priority. The report also notes that Partnerships found difficulty in developing performance management systems, particularly in integrating such systems between partners.

2002/03 Progress Report on Local Strategic Partnerships in Neighbourhood Renewal Fund areas is published by the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit and is available at: http://www.neighbourhood.gov.uk/formatteddoc.asp?id=749