Abstracts: November 2nd, 2004

In preparation for a review by the Financial Services Authority into enterprise and the economy, the DfES established 151 pathfinder projects, embracing nearly 400 schools. OfSTED inspectors were asked to evaluate enterprise learning in a sample of schools and identify examples of good practice to help inform future developments. They found examples of good practice and in the most effective schools, there was evidence of pupils being motivated by enterprise learning and developing a good range of relevant skills.Schools making the most effective provision had a strong commitment from senior managers and a clear management structure. They made good use of local businesses and the wider community to engage pupils in real issues and to support enterprise learning more generally.

Very few schools had effective procedures in place to assess and evaluate pupils’ enterprise learning, although the use of logbooks for self-assessment and some pilot frameworks for assessment are emerging. Links to existing vocational qualifications were rare and few pupils were able to make direct use of their enterprise experiences in assessed coursework. Monitoring and evaluating progress in the implementation of plans for enterprise learning were weaknesses in a substantial proportion of schools.

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