Abstracts: March 2nd, 2005

This briefing from The Society of IT Management on the Efficiency Review highlights the opportunity it presents for local authority ICT functions. It highlights the links between the efficiency programme and the ongoing e-government programme. Gershon recognises that there has been significant investment right across the public sector in the implementation of new ways of delivering information and services including 675 million pounds in the Local Government Online programme in England, the Modernising Government Fund in Scotland, and local authorities’ own e-government programmes.The Efficiency Review is now looking for some return on that investment, and suggests that councils and their partners should make more effective use of their technology investments to deliver efficiency gains. Gains can be re-invested in the organisation to deliver further efficiencies, whilst maintaining or improving service quality. Exploitation of the potential of new information and communication technologies is seen as key to delivery of the whole programme.

The briefing is available at: www.socitm.gov.uk http://www.socitm.gov.uk/   .Cost 25 pounds.