Abstracts: March 21st, 2005

A survey by Dell of primary and secondary schools found that the majority of teachers believe the use of technology in classrooms is central to arming children with 21st Century Skills (84%) and working life skills (71%). This includes ICT and business literacy, as well as the ability to deal with day-to-day financial and personal issues. With technology embedded into today’s education system, 79% of schools have computers in every classroom and 87% of teachers are using computers for teaching – students and teachers are both reaping the benefits. Only a third of teachers say they use computers because they have to.For teachers, technology is making their jobs easier, with many stating that it helps them to teach more effectively (79%); and six out of ten claiming it is saving them both time and energy. For pupils, technology is instrumental in improving motivation, adding an element of fun to the learning environment, and is assisting them through their learning journey. Over half of teachers have seen improved academic results.

A summary of the research results is available from Antonia Germanos:agermanos@gciuk.com.