Abstracts: April 25th, 2005

This guidance paper from the Local Government Association describes how the sustainable communities agenda, which requires a new working relationship, is being supported by local delivery vehicles. This is the term used for a partnership which brings together public and private sector stakeholders to ensure the successful delivery of large-scale social, economic and environmental improvement in communities. LDVs can provide direction, commitment and coherence to the delivery of large-scale projects. For example, they can be given responsibilities to drive forward the sustainable growth of an area and can then use land assembly, investment and planning powers to create confidence and stimulate private investment to help realise the expectations of government and local communities.The guidance outlines the range of delivery vehicles being used by local authorities and the important principles that underpin successful partnership arrangements. It shows how local government, working in partnership with other agencies and sectors, must be at the heart of local delivery vehicles, otherwise local accountability and delivery will suffer. It also describes the experiences of those who are already a way down the road in delivering complex change through delivery vehicles. It has been developed by Entec and the Town and Country Planning Association and draws on experiences with LDVs from a wide range of areas.

The guidance paper costs 10.00 and can be ordered at: http://www.lga.gov.uk/PublicationsList.asp?lsection=&