Abstracts: May 26th, 2005

Partnership working has become a feature of delivering public services. NHS bodies and local authorities have a statutory responsibility under the Health Act to work together. In order to qualify for funding voluntary organisations frequently must demonstrate that they are working with others. This toolkit provides a brief overview of good practice in partnership working and includes a tool for assessing the effectiveness of a partnership group. It outlines the benefits to be gained when different organisations work effectively together, such as building on the strengths of organisations, allowing them to pool resources, avoiding duplication, and maximising impact.The Toolkit examines the barriers to effective partnership working including different organisational cultures, varying expectations of partners, lack of senior commitment and poor information exchange within and outside the partnership. It also sets out features which make partnerships successful. They include a balance of responsibility between partners, identifying the necessary skill mix, clear shared vision and goals, achievable outcomes and regular evaluation.

The Toolkit is available at: http://www.neighbourhood.gov.uk/document.asp?id=876