Abstracts: June 1st, 2005

This survey of user satisfaction carried out by the Society of IT Management shows that councils that have outsourced their ICT service perform significantly less well on this measure than councils that run an in-house service. User satisfaction is 13% lower in the ten largely outsourced councils in the group than in the 75 other councils with more traditionally run ICT services.Detailed examination of two large councils where user satisfaction was measured before and after the outsourcing, reveals a 27% reduction in satisfaction in one and a 32% reduction in the other. Similar differences occur on a host of other measures such as perception of value for money and the performance of the ICT unit. The report also examines the relationship between ICT user satisfaction scores and Comprehensive Performance Assessment scores. An earlier study showed an association, in that councils rated as ‘excellent’ from the overall CPA assessment also had higher levels of user satisfaction with the ICT service.This association still holds, but only if three ‘excellent’ councils with large-scale outsourcing arrangements are removed from the analysis.

Benchmarking User Satisfaction costs 150 pounds and can be ordered from http://www.socitm.gov.uk/