Abstracts: July 12th, 2005

This annual report takes stock of the achievements of the NHS National IT
Programme during the last two years. It describes the Programme as a massive
undertaking with over two million people, including patients, doctors, and
other NHS professionals, benefiting from the new systems.

The first electronic prescriptions were issued in February 2005, with numbers
set to rise dramatically. The first nationally indexed Picture Archiving and
Communications Systems (PACS) went live earlier this year. Fast and reliable
broadband access was provided for some 6,000 primary care sites and over 1,500
secondary care sites by 31 May 2005. This means the new National Network now
supports around 350,000 people working in the NHS in England.

Over 90 per cent of primary care and acute trusts nationally now have a
registration service. The number of users registered has exceeded 30,000 and the
rate of registration is approximately 5,000 users per week. From June 2005
sixteen patient administration systems had been deployed – nine in the Eastern
Cluster, one in the North East and six in the North West and West Midlands.

Over 30,000 clinicians are now registered users of the NHS Care Records Service
data ‘spine’, almost 3,500 of them general practitioners. Over 124,000 users are
now registered with Contact, the secure email and directory service for the NHS
and, between 1 January and 31 May 2005, over 50 million email messages were sent
and received.

The report is available at: