Abstracts: August 19th, 2005

The Innovation Forum was created to promote dialogue between central and local government and its partners, on new ways of working to deliver better services to local communities. The Forum is ‘jointly owned’ by central Government and the councils with excellent CPA scores and it seeks to develop, explore and test new ways of working to deliver improved outcomes for local people.The Forum brings together local authorities and their partners with Government Ministers and their officials. It is facilitated by the ODPM and LGA who help to co-ordinate the respective interests of Government and local authorities, to shape the Forum’s work programme and processes and to link the work of the Forum to other Government initiatives and areas of policy. The current programme covers early years and school improvement; community safety; reducing hospital admissions for older people; and integrated public services.

The information pack describes what has been done so far, what is planned for the future, how local authorities can get involved and how new areas of work can be proposed.

The Information pack is available at: