Abstracts: November 13th, 2005

This publication from the DfES Innovation Unit, NCSL’s Networked Learning Group and IDeA, identifies the key challenges facing local authorities in developing the potential of school-based networks. It illustrates how different local authorities are seeking to resolve them. It shows that the common element is partnerships and networks, rather than individual institutions and that the current challenges offer real opportunities to profoundly reshape the relationship between local authorities and their schools.Working across social care, education, health and other agencies boundaries makes sure that competing priorities no longer get in the way of the best deal for children. For reshaping provision for 14 19 year olds it is crucial to bring together secondary schools, colleges and other training providers to offer both more integrated and more differentiated learning pathways.

A CD will be available shortly and it will contain a PowerPoint presentation outlining the key questions, adaptable for use in any face-to-face meetings or presentations that might be convened to stimulate conversations with colleagues about the issues raised here. The CD will also contain some additional resources provided by the authorities which offer further insights into the work they are undertaking.

The publication is available at: http://publications.teachernet.gov.uk/eOrderingDownload/Spreading20Innovation%20Across%20Local%20Authorities.pdf