Abstracts: November 17th, 2005

This White Paper on health and social care from the Local Government Association describes an opportunity to meet the needs of local communities by building strong local partnerships between adult social care and health. The approach is based on key strategic developments currently taking place at a national level around partnerships, neighbourhoods and governance. The White paper describes how Local Area Agreements could foster an effective partnership approach for the future.It describes a vision of an environment which supports choice and control through the delivery of services that are built around what each person actually wants, not only to meet their health and care needs but also to improve their well-being. It argues that using this approach could ensure that the delivery of health and social care is tailored to the needs of the community and responsive to local circumstances. It also envisages joined-up health care, social care and health improvement strategies in a stronger and more cohesive way, making these services more reflective of local needs, whether at a local authority or neighbourhood level. The emphasis in the approach on local engagement and consultation reflects national commitments to devolve power to neighbourhoods and the wish for a more patient focused NHS.

The White Paper is available from the LGA – email info@lga.gov.uk