Abstracts: November 21st, 2005

The Local Directgov Programme will seamlessly connect the Directgov website to Local Authority websites.This will create a single point of entry into both Central Government and Local Government services. Almost 80% of public services are provided by local government and the voluntary sector and the programme is designed to increase take up of local services.The programme will deliver improved content relating to local authority services on the Directgov website, providing the customer with more information at the first point of contact. It will reduce confusion as to which tier of government provides the service required by the customer, and offer improved online experience by routing customers to the appropriate web page.

Guidance and support is being provided to encourage Neighbourhoods and Parish Councils to provide a web presence relevant to local communities. There will be extra sections added to the ENCORE (Environment and Community Online Residents EServices) to enhance functionality. Local authorities will be able to host these websites.

Encouraging more citizens to use the online service, in preference to the more costly telephone or personal call channels, will give an opportunity to make cost savings.

Details of the Programme are available at; http://www.local-egov.gov.uk/images/LDg%20How%20to%20guide_355.pdf