Abstracts: December 5th, 2005

This paper reviews the relevance of the principles of local public service boards, examines the issues and sets out a way forward. Proposals for boards were put forward last year by the Innovation Forum, which brings together top performing councils. The paper acknowledges that little progress on developing local public service boards has been made in the last year, but argues that the need for closer collaboration between local organisations will increase over the next ten years.Local area agreements, which have the weight of government behind them, are fostering joined-up working across organisational boundaries. Experience with the agreements has re-enforced the importance of improving the effectiveness of local partnership working. For details of conference on local area agreements go to http://www.publicnet.co.uk/publicnet/fevents.htm

The paper sets out issues which must be addressed to bring together partnership working and mainstream structures and funding. A principal issue is the disjuncture between joined-up localities and ‘departmental Whitehall’.

The paper is published by the Local Government Association and the Improvement and Development Agency. It is available from: info@lga.gov.uk