Abstracts: December 7th, 2005

This draft paper from the Association of Chief Police Officers seeks views on the way forward for neighbourhood policing. The aim is to produce national guidance to underpin an approach to neighbourhood policing across the Police Service. When the guidance has been finalized a neighbourhood policing programme will be set up to oversee development and implementation.Neighbourhood policing has been described as delivering control in response to public priorities. This requires an organised approach to tackling public concerns within the mainstream of police activity, while maintaining the consistent standards of responsiveness and quality of service. A commitment to neighbourhood policing requires consideration of structures and evidenced based deployment of resources and tactics. It also means maximising the opportunities for police support staff, collaborative partnerships and public support in order to increase the collective influence for resolving public concerns.

When the framework is agreed it will then be possible to develop tactical menus and models for addressing crime and disorder issues which have a disproportionate impact. These menus should include multi-agency based solutions directed at longer term problem solving such as managing addicts, problem schools, chaotic and disruptive families and notorious locations.

The draft is published by the Association of Chief Police Officers and is available at: http://police.homeoffice.gov.uk/news-andpublications/publication/communitypolicing/Professionalising_the_busin1.pdf?view=Binary