Abstracts: December 12th, 2005

This consultation document from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister describes the critical role for Local Strategic Partnerships and seeks views on the way forward. Collaboration is seen as essential to achieve efficient and coherent service delivery, rather than simply being ‘an addition to the day job’. Partnerships are crucial to the development of Local Area Agreements and the development of strong local leadership and devolved decision-making. In the last five years Partnerships have demonstrated that they are an effective vehicle for coordinating this way of working.The challenge is to develop LSPs, and ensure that they are well equipped with the right framework and the right powers to be able to realise their significant potential. The consultation focuses on a number of challenges including the need to develop and drive delivery of Local Area Agreements as well as the need to reshape community strategies. It also seeks views on the role of LSPs, their status and governance.

The consultation document is available at: www.odpm.gov.uk/lg/consult