Abstracts: January 16th, 2006

This review by Booze Allen Hamilton was commissioned by the Cabinet Office under the UK Presidency of the European Council to stimulate the debate on the strategic direction for e-Government during this important period of change. The close of 2005 marked the end of the eEurope action plan and the launch of its successor i2010.The report identifies the most successful ICT-enabled initiatives across nine governments, from which practical lessons can be derived and has been prepared with the full cooperation of over 85 government departments and agencies. It cites common challenges and best practice case studies drawn from over 450 initiatives assessed world-wide.

The evidence within this report shows that ICT can make a real difference. It reveals that tax & revenue collection is the most advanced amongst major public services in using ICT. Many examples of real impact are emerging, but customers are benefiting earlier than governments.

A major conclusion from the report is that success in modernising public services is most likely when the over-focus on technology in the past five years moves on to embrace radical change that is both customer centred and outcome-based.

The report is available at:http://www.boozallen.se/downloads/051116%20Summary%20report%20- 20with%20artwork%20(low%20res).pdf