Abstracts: February 22nd, 2006

This self-assessment model is designed to help NHS organisations to measure and improve their sustainable development performance. The model, which is web-based and available on a CD-Rom, will enable NHS organisations to look closely at how they contribute to strong local economies, community cohesion and a healthy environment. It will take into account factors such as how they buy goods and services, how they build and manage buildings, and how they manage their waste and transport. It also deals with working in partnership with others to contribute to healthy local populations.The model builds on and pulls together guidance and resources to help NHS bodies to get going in the key areas of transport, procurement, facilities management and employment and skills. It shows in practical ways how the NHS has aided health and sustainable development, with real life examples of how it has contributed in areas such as local regeneration, healthy sustainable procurement and helping to tackle climate change. It can also be used to engage with employees and the local community.

The model is available at: http://www.corporatecitizen.nhs.uk/