Abstracts: March 13th, 2006

This programme is now available to view on egovtv.tv, the online television channel for public service modernisation. It reviews how Cardiff council has provided Internet access to over 20,000 users in 200 offices and schools as well as offering secure ICT services to libraries and other council and government departments. In partnership with Nortel, it has implemented an integrated wired and wireless infrastructure.With this secure network in place, Cardiff is not only providing mobile services, it is also extending the services it offers such as free Internet access in libraries and video conferencing in schools. It has also secured a new service, Consumer Direct, a consumer help line for the whole of Wales run by the DTI.

The Council believes that this reliable, secure and advanced infrastructure makes them well placed to respond to changes innovatively and transform the way it delivers services for the people of Cardiff.

The programme is available at: <http://www.egovtv.tv/content.asp?programmedetail=913&progid=NortelCardiff&cdid=&progtitle=Cardiff%20Council:%20Securing%20its%20ICT%20Infrastructure&videodetail=&format=&bw

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