Abstracts: March 20th, 2006

The Local Directgov Programme’s Neighbourhoods and Parish Councils Project is developing an e-Community System to allow parish councils, neighbourhoods and the voluntary community sector to develop their own website. By delivering a simple toolkit for local authorities, the project will help to provide more services and increased accessibility to information for citizens. The new system will help to bring vital support to community organisations, whilst also re-engaging citizens with the institutions of Government.The system is expected to be of particular interest to ‘hard to reach’ communities, opening up new opportunities through online interactions for those who may be at risk of being socially excluded. The system will be available to all English local authorities early in the New Year. It will help to develop neighbourhood or community websites, in order to meet their Priority Services Transformation Outcome commitments.

The system is currently being piloted successfully in Kingston, Surrey and Essex.

Details are available at: http://www.localegov.gov.uk/en/1/nationalprojects.html