Abstracts: May 22nd, 2006

This consultation document from the Department for Education and Skills seeks a response to its sustainable development framework. A sustainable school is described in the framework as one that involves pupils in the design of playing areas, experiences reduced incidents of bad behaviour, including bullying and vandalism. Little is wasted in a sustainable school. Surplus items are recycled, composted or donated. Health is taken seriously. Quality food and drink are sourced from local suppliers where possible, and pupils are encouraged to come to school by foot or bike. Diversity in the community is celebrated. Everyone is respected and valued.The document asks schools to consider how they can extend their commitment to sustainable development through eight key areas – or ‘doorways’. The doorways are just different ways of approaching the task of building a sustainable school. They all interconnect, providing different openings onto a set of common challenges. Each can be taken forward through the major areas of school life – the curriculum, campus and community.

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