Abstracts: June 12th, 2006

This paper from the Improvement and Development Agency describes the critical importance of developing the right organisational culture for improving the effectiveness of performance management. It defines culture as being about people and made up of the sum total of the beliefs, values and behaviours of individuals within a given group. It is a means by which norms of acceptable behaviour are established. It acknowledges the difficulty of attempting to describe or plan a cultural change.The paper argues that because culture is about what people believe and do, it has a huge impact on what a council sets out to do, its vision and priorities and how people are managed, motivated and supported to do their jobs.

It describes the importance of choosing the right approach to culture change and the need for a good understanding about what motivates people to behave in certain ways. It outlines principles to apply to the process of changing culture such as clear commitment and communication from leaders. It also highlights some examples from local councils that have made progress in changing culture.

The paper is available at: http://www.idea-knowledge.gov.uk/idk/aio/4247616