Abstracts: July 19th, 2006

The Employment Outlook Survey from Manpower, a leading employment services company, shows that employers in the public sector expect to hire more people this summer than their private sector counterparts. The survey reveals that 22 per cent of public sector employers will increase their headcount in the next quarter and just five per cent expect to make cut-backs; compared to 17 per cent and six per cent respectively of those in the private sector. These latest results for the public sector show an uplift from the previous quarter when 16 per cent of employers took on more staff and seven per cent reduced numbers.The survey indicates that budgetary constraints of the last financial year have eased slightly and public sector employers are now more positive about their hiring plans. Growth is not uniform, but there is a demand for staff at central government level as well as from a number of local authorities.

Although the growth is modest, it indicates that councils and other employers in the sector are striving to meet public expectations of improved services. The efficiency savings made by local authorities appear to have been spent on front line staff where public demand remains high for good quality local services.

The survey is available at: http://www.manpower.co.uk/news/UK_PR_MEOS_national_Q3_2006_FINAL.doc