Abstracts: October 23rd, 2006

Many voluntary and community organisations are weak in HR. A report from the National Council for Voluntary Organisation’s and the UK Workforce Hub reveals that they often do not have the resources to employ a dedicated HR role, with the result that line managers carry out functions they are not trained to perform.The report, ‘Consortia purchase of Human Resources (HR) support’ gives forward thinking voluntary and community organisations the opportunity to explore different ways of meeting their HR management needs when planning and developing their workforce. It describes how through collaboration, organisations have the potential to take a far more proactive approach to HR. This will benefit organisations by enabling them to attract and retain good staff, as well as avoiding damaging and expensive litigation.

It recommends that VCOs should consider joining a consortium of voluntary and community organisations jointly employing an HR person, or buy in support from a Council for Voluntary Service. For the smaller organisations it suggests that getting support from a larger VCO is also an option.

The report is available at: www.ukworkforcehub.org.uk