Abstracts: November 6th, 2006

This survey of customer service directors in public and private organisations across the UK, commissioned by the software company Touchpaper, reveals that 85 per cent believe rising customer expectations about service levels are among the main challenges they face. The survey found that customers are increasingly likely to complain when faced with poor service, according to 97 per cent of customer service chiefs polled.Almost 80% of customer service directors believe that there is a greater awareness of consumer rights and 74 per cent highlight a cultural shift, with customers losing their famous reserve, making them more confident about speaking up for themselves when they experience poor service. The directors believe that for the public sector to be seen as successful it is more than ever important for citizens to be treated as valued customers.

The survey also showed that, despite increasingly demanding customers, there is evidence of complacency. 51 per cent of those questioned complained of a lack of budgets for customer service, while 31 per cent admitted that top management and the organisation as a whole failed to understanding the importance of customer service to performance.

The survey is available at: http://www.touchpaper.com/NR/rdonlyres/B5EACD1C-1934-45A0-8D09-8F811AE853BC/0/CustomerServiceSurvey_final.pdf?dl=ok