Abstracts: January 17th, 2007

A survey of councillor views on the White Paper ‘Strong and Prosperous Communities’ by the Municipal Year Book, found that 80% of respondents disagreed with the proposal to vest all executive powers in the mayor or leader. Those in favour of retaining the present arrangements argued that to change in this way would result in too much power for one individual and further reduce the power of back bench councillors. Those supporting the proposal said that that the current leader and cabinet model does not work and the change would give more accountability.The survey also showed that 67% of councillors were not surprised with the content of the White Paper, but 64% felt that important issues had been omitted. Finance was seen as the biggest issue which was not addressed. Other issues omitted were a greater devolution of powers and the voting system, including the use of proportional representation.

The Survey is available at: http://www.municipalyearbook.co.uk/index.asp?pageid=518