Abstracts: January 29th, 2007

This report from the Society of IT Management reveals a fall in local government IT expenditure to 2.7b pounds, which is just below the 2004 level. Growth in staffing also came to an abrupt end with reduction in the number of consultants employed, which accounted for most of the change.IT managers who responded to the SOCTIM survey are ‘fairly positive’ about shared services as a means to deliver efficiency. Sharing staff resources over a region or even wider may offer further large savings, says the report, while doing things once and sharing the solution with the whole of the government sector may offer another good way forward. Partnerships and outsourcing are the other strategies most mentioned by IT managers considering ways of bridging the resource gap.

The report notes that some other potential opportunities for generating better value and greater efficiencies do not feature significantly within IT departments at present. Many local authorities are not currently monitoring channel use despite well-known variations in cost associated with different channels and the opportunity for faster and better service delivery.

Copies of the report are available at 300 pounds from www.socitm.gov.uk