Abstracts: April 25th, 2007

The latest results from the Website Take up Service, published by the Society of IT Management, now shows a series of key performance indicators for website usage covering take-up by local residents, visitor satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat visits.The report shows that visitor satisfaction has fallen, with 12% fewer visitors finding all the information they want and 16% fewer say they can find specific information easily from council websites compared with 12 months ago.

Use of council websites has increased since the last year by 22%. This figure can be broken down into 67% of visitors seeking information, 12% using a service, with 6% just browsing. Of those searching for information, the most frequent reasons are job vacancies (12%), schools (7%), sport/leisure facilities (6%) and planning applications (6%). For those using services, 32% are renewing or reserving a library book, 7% are paying council tax, 5% are making another payment and 4% are obtaining a council form.

Building usage of council websites: summary of findings from the Socitm Insight website take-up service is available free of charge to subscribers to Socitm Insight and the Socitm Insight Website Take-up Service, and costs 30 pounds to others. It can be ordered from www.socitm.gov.uk