Abstracts: May 2nd, 2007

The Audit Commission is seeking views on proposals to replace the current system for measuring the success of local authorities, CPA, with a radically different regime, Comprehensive Area Assessment. CAA will start in 2009 and focus on the risks an area is facing and what might happen if they are not addressed, rather than the current approach which is concerned with how well or how badly a local authority is performing.The new system will continue to provide assurance about how well run local public services are and how effectively they use taxpayers’ money. But the expectation is that it will be more relevant to local people by focusing on issues that are important to their community.

Because the development of CAA represents a major opportunity to shape the future of public service regulation it is crucial that the organisations delivering local public services are involved in the design of the new scheme.

On line consultation at: www.audit-commission.gov.uk
<http://www.audit-commission.gov.uk/> will continue until 14 June 2007.